Why be a part of our food co-op? Our produce is FRESH PICKED and will last longer.  Our produce is CHEMICAL FREE.  Our produce is NUTRIENT DENSE and will make you feel full.  Our produce TASTES BETTER.  Our produce is grown right here in CINCINNATI! We have an extensive network of like minded farmers growing along with us to provide you with the best VARIETY & QUALITY. You will SAVE $ over the season. You will be supporting our LOCAL ECONOMY. Our growing practices are SUSTAINABLE. We are turning vacant city properties into BEAUTIFUL and BOUNTIFUL gardens. The better question is, why wouldn’t you?  For more information email us INFO@UrbanGreensFresh.com or call 513.255.0955


CSA / $20 Bag

Community Supported Agriculture weekly subscription program. Prepay and save!


Your employees can access fresh, local produce delivered to them at work!

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