Why Buy From Urban Greens?

Urban Greens has been in business since 2010 and we continue to find new ways to grow fresh, non-spray, delicious veggies every year. Our journey started as a community garden in the East End with 14 members and evolved into a small business LLC in which over 100 CSA shares were sold to local families and businesses. In 2018 we moved up to Morrow, OH where we plan on farming for years to come. We are going back to our roots selling our produce at local farmer’s markets and expanding into the realm of herbal products, breads and preserved foods from the goodness of the fresh vegetables. Growing and providing quality food in a local and sustainable way has and always will be our highest priority. Our sustainable growing practices result in more nutrient dense veggies that taste better and make you feel fuller and more satisfied. We joyfully pass along our knowledge to our employees and customers what was freely passed along to us. We thank God for the many blessings he has given to us.

Thank you for your business!

Where Do We Sell?

  • Lebanon Farmer’s Market: May - October on Thursdays between 3-7; beginning May 16th

  • ORCA Center in Mason OH: May - August on First & Third Wednesdays between 3-7; beginning May 1st

What Do We Sell?

  • Seasonal produce, preserves, herbs, flowers, bread and baked goods, foraged foods, tinctures, salves, infused oil and vinegar

  • Land management and consulting services: Let us help you make your land productive

  • Garden and soil preparation: Have tiller, will travel

  • Contact: ryan@urbangreensfresh.com