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We have lots of food, so we share! Shareholders receive 24 weeks of bounty during the May – October timeframe, offering a balanced full bag of produce each week for full shares and every other week for half shares. Happy shareholders generally eat all fruits and vegetables and are available to regularly pick-up their share of the harvest. For paying up front and eating what there is an abundance of, we give these customers the most food for the lowest price. 2 are recommended for full shares and half shares for 1 (or 2 veggie newbies).

Our seasonal approach to growing offers different bags at different times of the year. In the spring our bags consist mainly of salad mix, kale/chard bundles, green onions and root crops like radish, turnip, carrot and beet. Towards the end of spring we also offer snap peas, cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi. Summer brings tomatoes both slicer and cherry, sweet peppers, squash, cucumber, potatoes, onion, garlic, eggplant, ground cherries, okra, and beans. The greens are fewer in the summer as are the root crops. The fall brings a return to the greens and roots, the end of the summer crops and our fall harvest of sweet potatoes and winter squash.

Going to miss a whole week? Shoot us an email and we can double you up the week before or after. Better yet, gift the bag to that special friend you think might be into what we have. Farm Share customers can pick-up within the week either Wednesday or Saturday of their choosing, no email required. At the beginning of the year we will ask you what your regular pickup preference would be, but if you need to just show up on the other day that week and we will have a bag ready for you.

Full shares: $500

Half shares: $275


Heavy travel schedule and worried about missing multiple pickups? Don’t want us to choose what you eat? Want to purchase other local products other than our produce? Want to tack on extra purchases to your Farm Share account? These are a few of the reasons why we created the Market Account. This account will allow full flexibility to pick out what is wanted and when it is wanted. No need to email, just show up at store hours (same as pickups above) and we will be ready for you. Prices (in points) will be clearly marked on all items and the weekly total will be deducted from the account. For example, tomatoes will be sold for 3-4 points / lb. depending on the season. Current account balances will be available weekly and more can be added to the account at any time. Customers in a hurry can choose the Farmer’s Choice bag (20 points) which is a bag full of most of the stuff we have.

The accounts are pre-paid in increments of $100. The more pre-paid, the more purchasing points are added to the account. The scale:

$100 = 100 points

$200 = 210 points

$300 = 320 points

400 = 430 points

$500 = 550 points

$1,000 = 1,120 points



When farmers have money at the beginning of the season we can begin to make contracts with workers, suppliers, and purchase the appropriate amount of supplies.  We have a good idea of how much we have to grow so we have less waste.  When we have less waste we can offer better food for a better price.  Essentially the customers replace the function of the bank and become the line of credit which will be returned to them as the season progresses.  Different years showcase different abundance from the gardens, but in general we have tried to improve our quality and quantity grown each year.  We have been in business since 2010 and plan on farming for a long time yet to come.

thank you to our partners

From our infancy as a community garden up through today, Urban Greens has relied on strong partnerships to continue our mission to grow good food and build community.  Thank you to the City of Cincinnati, the Mogro family, and Aberlin Springs for allowing us to grow food on land that is not ours!  Thank you to Plant Cincinnati, Barefoot Design and Ryan Gettys for helping us to develop a living wage model for our farmers and retain their services through the winter.  Thank you to the countless contractors and builders who have helped us with the farm house.  Thank you to the farmers who supplement our produce so we can continue to deliver fat bags: Ande Schewe, The Organic Farm at Bear Creek, Peach Mountain Organics, Highland Haven Farm.